The Chicago City Council has approved the rezoning of 500 W. Pershing. Located at the northwest corner of S. Normal Ave and W. Pershing Rd, the site is currently a series of vacant lots. William Barbaro is leading the development.

500 W. PershingGoogle Maps

Designed by 360 Design Studio, the project is building two townhome buildings that will each have 6 three-story townhomes. Each townhome will have two parking spaces and private balconies.

500 W. Pershing360 Design Studio

With two townhome buildings on the site, individual homes will be oriented east/west and face outwards from the center of the site. The middle of the site will have a private drive running parallel to the buildings to connect to private garages, accessed from the alley. Each townhome will have a balcony that hangs over the private drive.

500 W. Pershing360 Design Studio

With City Council approval, the site will now be rezoned from M1-2 to RT-4 to allow for the scope of the development. A timeline for construction is currently unknown.