Demolition permits have been issued to clear the way for the mixed-use development at 210 N. Aberdeen. Planned on an irregularly shaped site that reaches to N. May St to the west and down to W. Lake St to the south, demolition permits have been issued for 213 N. May, 215 N. May, and 221 N. May, all existing one-story masonry buildings. Along N. Aberdeen St. permits have been filed to demolish a portion of the Arthur Harris Building, which was just recently approved by the City Council. The rest of the site is already vacant. 

Aerial View of Existing Site at 210 N Aberdeen StreetNORR

Planned by LG Development Group, the renovation plan for the 1904 Arthur Harris Building looks to demolish a 1950s addition on the interior of the site whose cross gabled roof is perpendicular to the gable roof of the original portion along the street.  The front elevation will be restored and will undergo masonry repairs, window replacement, and the insertion of a retail storefront at the center of the front facade. The original bowstring trusses will also be restored. A non-historic brick addition on the southern elevation will be demolished and replaced with a new glass connector that serves as a division between the new and old portions of the overall scheme. 

Demo Axon for Arthur Harris Building at 210 N. AberdeenNORR

With a design from NORR, the overall development will produce a 19-story mixed-use tower, delivering 414 residential units and approximately 10,700 square feet of retail space. Rising 239 feet, the building’s unit mix will consist of approximately 50% one-bedrooms, 30% studios, and 20% two-bedroom apartments. 102 car parking spaces will be provided. 

210 N Aberdeen StreetNORR

The project will provide 83 affordable apartments on site, with 41 at 60% AMI and 42 at 100% AMI. Trying to achieve 30% affordability, LG Development Group is working with the city to provide an additional 41 residences either on or off-site.

The $140 million development has gone through multiple city approval processes throughout 2021, receiving approvals from the Commission on Chicago Landmarks, the Permit Review Committee, the Chicago Plan Commission, the Committee on Zoning, and the full Chicago City Council. With permits in hand for demolition, Taylor Excavating and Construction can begin clearing the site. Permits for the new building have not been filed or issued. 

210 N Aberdeen StreetNORR