A foundation and partial superstructure permit has been issued for a residential development at 1723 S. Michigan. Planned by Chicago-based CMK Companies, the project has progressed under the radar as it has not requested any zoning change or variances. Zoned DX-5, the extent of the project site isn’t fully clear but will sit across the street from CMK’s 1720 S. Michigan.

With Gensler reportedly behind the architecture, the permit reports a 13-story building is set to rise on the property. The development will have 149 apartment units with 98 parking spaces on the first three floors. Retail space and the residential lobby will occupy the front of the ground floor with parking behind.

1723 S. MichiganGoogle Maps

With the foundation and partial superstructure permit issued, general contractor Brandts Build LLC can begin working on the structure for the first through second floor and build the core, concrete stairs and walls to the underside of the sixth floor. A full building permit has been filed and is awaiting issuance.