The Illinois Gaming Board has unanimously approved initial supplier licenses for Bally’s temporary casino at Medinah Temple. As part of their winning casino bid, Bally’s will be operating a temporary casino at Medinah Temple until the full-fledged casino is completed at the site of the current Tribune Freedom Center printing plant.

Bally's Temporary Casino at Medinah TempleSTL Architects

With all city approvals set for the temporary casino and permit issued, the approvals from the Illinois Gaming Board are the final hurdle before the temporary space can open. According to reports from the Chicago Sun-Times, the board approved Medinah Building LLC, which represents the site’s physical structure, and Medinah Holdings LLC, which covers the land it sits on. Both controlled by Friedman Properties, the two entities would control and lease Medinah Temple to Bally’s. 

Bally's Temporary Casino at Medinah TempleSTL Architects

The Illinois Gaming Board will need to sign off on more supplier licenses before the temporary casino could open. Once those licenses are approved, Bally’s hopes to begin construction and is targeting a Summer 2023 opening. 

The permanent casino set for the Tribune publishing site has received all city approvals, but is awaiting review by the Illinois Gaming Board before construction could begin. Bally’s hopes to open the full-fledged site by 2026.

Bally's CasinoSolomon Cordwell Buenz