Trammell Crow Company has announced that Belay Diagnostics has expanded its footprint at Fulton Labs only a few short months after signing a lease in August 2023. The company, which uses a proprietary molecular testing platform to revolutionize how brain and spinal cord cancers are detected, signed a deal for an additional 6,100 square feet of space at 1375 West Fulton, bringing its footprint at the life science building to just over 10,000 square feet.

1375 W. FultonTrammell Crow Company

Belay will now occupy 5,750 square feet of expansion space on the ninth floor of the building, 420 square feet on the fifth floor, as well as the 4,000-square-foot science-ready lab suite that the company already occupies. Driven by positive fundraising efforts and clinical trial results, the company is rapidly growing, with plans to utilize its expanded space to advance its work on a proprietary molecular testing technology for brain and spinal cord cancers.

“We are incredibly pleased that Belay has expanded their footprint within 1375 West Fulton,” said Morgan Baer-Blaska of TCC. “This expansion is a testament to the life science ecosystem that we are working to create across not only our Fulton Labs campus, but our entire life science portfolio in Chicago. The science-ready lab suites at 1375 were designed to be key contributors in the growth of their users, allowing companies to focus exclusively on their work, which ultimately results in a need for more space to accommodate the scale of each business. TCC’s expansive Fulton Labs campus, which also includes 400 N Aberdeen, stands at the ready to accommodate this growth that many tenants are experiencing; Belay’s recent expansion is a perfect example of this.”

1375 W. FultonTrammell Crow Company

"Fulton Labs and Trammell Crow offer not only world class space but a genuine partnership for emerging companies. It is uncommon to say you have a relationship with your landlord, but in this case, it is an honest assessment," shared Brian Coe, CEO of Belay Diagnostics.

1375 West Fulton is part of TCC's 725,000-square-foot Fulton Labs campus in Chicago, which includes nearby 400 North Aberdeen. Additionally, TCC’s Chicagoland lab portfolio includes Evanston Labs and Hyde Park Labs, both of which are set to deliver in 2024.